Tristan Edwards
Managing Partner

Tristan is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for creating scalable platforms for financing and enabling the world’s best technologists, business developers, and thought leaders
to create positive change. Anchoring Tristan’s 24-years in business is an 18-year, distinguished career in hedge fund management in Australia, London, Hong Kong,
and Singapore at leading institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Brevan Howard, Trafalgar Capital, and Mosaic Asset Management. In 2016, Tristan took his first step toward changing the world, when he co-founded Life Biosciences, a company focused on longevity science. Tristan fulfilled the roles of CEO and most recently President at Life Biosciences, which in 2020 was recognized as the world’s leading longevity company.

     As Tristan contemplated a world where Life Bioscience’s technology supported people living longer, healthier lives, he shifted his focus to the climate, envisioning a world where long life and good health are paired with a physical environment that is thriving. In 2020, Tristan founded Terraform Asset Management to substantially contribute to this vision. In addition to his work at Terraform, Tristan also sits on the Board of Alterity Therapeutics, a NASDAQ listed company.

     Tristan has a degree in commerce from the University of Tasmania and held the CFA, CMT and CPA designations. He splits time between Boston and Sydney, enjoys skiing, chess, travelling, and spending time with his family.



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