Our Mission.

Terraform Asset Management is a venture capital fund investing in five key areas we believe will best address climate change and environmental sustainability.

     For too long, investing in climate solutions has been seen as an economic trade-off between financial returns and making a difference. Terraform Asset Management has been established at an important crossroad in history, where scientific advances allow for bold action on climate change reversal, as well as incredible financial opportunities to invest in a sustainable future.


Exciting investment opportunities now exist across our areas of climate focus:

  • Building a hydrogen economy to replace the carbon economy

  • Removing excess carbon from the atmosphere

  • Advancing sustainable energy to drive the hydrogen economy

  • Sustainable food production

  • Technologies to insure clean oceans and water ways


     Terraform Asset Management has assembled an international team of world class scientific experts to ensure that we are investing in areas that not only have highest climate impact, but also the greatest potential for widely adopted commercialization.

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Sustainable Energy